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Out of work, I spend time gaming with my son on PlayStation4, picturesque rendezvous with my doting wife Wendy Warigia, vintage restoration, rearing sheep and serving as an associate pastor at Bethsaida Church!

My daily tech stack is:

Some of my best


Website with Community Portal (Web App)

Africa Speaks


Africa Speaks is a network of publishing professionals from around the globe united in a common goal: to establish a viable and flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa 

I designed their website and community portal on Adobe XD and later developed it into a WordPress theme.  The community portal is a web application that runs on the CI4 Framework however some content is fetched via the WordPress API!

WWordPress Theme Customisation

MCCK Advocates


MCCK Advocates LLP is a Kenya-focused boutique law firm offering local solutions with international expertise.

I customised a premium WordPress theme to the brand’s colours and typography and the result was a very sleek, corporate and contemporary legal website!

WWordpress Website



RCA is an insurance agency based in Nairobi, Kenya.

I designed this website on Adobe XD and built the concept into a WordPress website. The site has a insurance premium calculator which is connected to a CodeIgniter4 backend that relays data to an Insurance SAAS known as Insurance Cloud

Mobile & Web App Solution

Nawiri Insurance


Designed & built a website and mobile application for Nawiri Insurance Agency. 

Nawiri’s website will enable its users to compare quotes from various insurance companies which the user can purchase.  The mobile app provides the same functionality creating convenience for existing and new customers. 

Web App Solution


2022 – 2014

The PRSK Awards Portal is a web application that provides a judging platform where participants upload Public Relations Campaigns as entries.

Judges then award their scores to the entries and at the end of the process the admin generates a score report for the entries.

Before the system, this was a very tedious and expensive process because:

  1. Materials (Paperwork and CDs) were sent by physically to PRSK
  2. PRSK had to hire venues for judges to collaborate on scores
  3. Scoring was done on selective spreadsheet software and error prone depending on the process of transmission

After using the system:

  1. Judges were flexible to judge at the comfort of any location
  2. As scores streamed in, it was possible to see preliminary score reports as opposed to doing a final tally
  3. Elimination of errors by transmission

I have actively developed, deployed, improved and supported the PRSK Awards Portal for over 8 years. 

The portal is built using CodeIgniter4 framework.

How I gained my


Calvary Studio

2022 - 2014 - Fullstack Web & Mobile Developer
  • Developed 2 Hybrid Mobile Apps using Ionic and corresponding APIs using CI4 to build the backend & APIs. Integrated these services: Google Maps, SMS Gateways, M-PESA, CDN.
  • Deployment & Maintenance of Cloud VPS for Client Web Applications on Vultr, Contabo & Digital Ocean.
  • Singlehandedly Designed & Developed 5 Web Applications using CI4 OOP Framework (PHP Based) + MySQL,
  • Designed and Developed 40+ beautiful and responsive Websites from Concept to Final HTML5 & WordPress ready websites.
  • Worked with online website copy vendors to generate good and SEO friendly website copy.
  • Created informative and effective source code and user manual documentation for project owners.
  • Worked online with clients out of Kenya notably UK and US.
  • Did Corporate Identity Projects comprising of Graphic Design, Product Design, Brand Guides, Logos, Business Cards and Letterheads. These projects were undertaken by clients who preferred to have all their work done inhouse or those who did not understand the importance of Brand Synonymity.
  • Social Media Management & Marketing for a reputable insurance firm in Kenya for over 5 years. Designed their social media copy, creative posts, posting calendars which were shared 1 month in advance to the marketing team.
  • Website Maintenance for a couple of clients on maintenance retainers.
  • Set up and maintained a cPanel/WHM server on Cloud Linux providing Web & Email Hosting Services to host some of the website design clients. Handled close to 50 domains.
  • Collaborated with a number large agencies who outsourced Website Design Services.

Post University

  • Designed and developed a number of legacy HTML 4 websites most of which are offline. Used Adobe Fireworks for design and Adobe Dreamweaver to code. Notable active projects of this era are: http://urbansavannah.com/ & http://whitehorselimos.co.ke.
  • Designed and built a custom CMS based on PHP, MySQL to manage client websites. This CMS still works for a one of the projects above.
  • Developed an awards portal for the Public Relations Society of Kenya using HTML, jQuery, PHP5 and MySQL. Refactored this codebase in 2020 to use CodeIgniter 4 to move away from procedural PHP to OOP.
  • Developed an invoicing solution using HTML, jQuery, PHP5 and MySQL known as InvoicePAP. (https://apps.calvarystudio.co.ke/invoicepap/ )

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited

2019 July - 2019 April - Personal Assistant
  • Worked as a PA for the late Mr. Michael Matu whom provided inspiration and mentorship to be an entrepreneur. He provided a couple of referrals that kickstarted my freelance career.
  • Learnt Executive Office Etiquette, Switchboard operations (Call forwarding, hunting), efficient physical filing and making tea 
  • Scheduled and maintained appointments, emails, reminders on behalf the CEO and senior directors.
  • Provided technical advice on ICT matters.

Focus Cab Services Limited

2009 June - 2009 January - ICT Contractor
  • Contracted to set up ICT infrastructure in their office premises. Setup an email Server using hMail on Windows Server 2003, Wireless & LAN Network with networking documentation which was handed over to the ICT officer.

Discount Securities Ltd

2008 March - May - ICT Officer
  • Contracted to set up ICT infrastructure in their office premises. Setup an email Server using hMail on Windows Server 2003, Wireless & LAN Network with networking documentation which was handed over to the ICT officer.

Mather & Platt Kenya Ltd

2008 January - Internship
  • Contracted to set up ICT infrastructure in their office premises. Setup an email Server using hMail on Windows Server 2003, Wireless & LAN Network with networking documentation which was handed over to the ICT officer.

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